River Swamps & Reptiles

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MirroredArc of TurtlesAmble the paths and boardwalks through productive river swamps of bald cypress and Ogeechee lime trees that define the edges of the Ogeechee River. Learn about the once flourishing local caviar industry, and understand the dynamics of life caught in the river’s flow and seasons. Step into a scene from Savannah’s past while walking the tow path and exploring the locks of the partially restored Savannah-Ogeechee Canal. Discover dwarf forests on what was once sand bar, now inland sandhill and home to a rare community of plants and wildlife, including the endangered gopher tortoise. You may also meet, at a safe distance, some of the reptiles that call this area home. Seasonally variable water levels provide quite different experiences.   If you have a group of 8-16 people, this program can be adapted to focus on reptiles, native but captive and touchable.

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2-Hr River Swamps-Reptiles